about Whoa Nelly! Catering

Whoa Nelly! is a boutique catering company serving Los Angeles and Southern California.
We offer local, seasonal, farmers market menus for events large and small.

Our long-standing relationships with local farmers ensure that we will bring the best of the market to your table. A sustainable philosophy is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to using local produce and sustainably raised meats and fish. We passionately believe that restaurant quality food can be made in every setting, and we are excited to share it with you.

about stephanie

Stephanie was born and raised in Southern California. At a young age she enjoyed helping mom with dinner and scooping ice cream at the family’s Baskin Robbins, but it was her 4 years living in San Francisco as a collegiate Conservatory of Music student that cemented her love of all things food and cooking. Eventually cooking took center stage, so Stephanie packed up her instruments and enrolled in the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.

After culinary school, Stephanie moved to Los Angeles and cooked for James Beard award-winning chef Suzanne Goin for 5 1/2 years, the last two of which were spent as Sous Chef at AOC restaurant. She also ran AOC’s cheese program during this time.

Shortly after leaving her sous chef post, Elizabeth approached Stephanie with an idea for a catering business. Steph would bring the knives, and Beth would bring the pastry bags…together, they would craft restaurant-quality, locally grown, farmers market-driven food.


about elizabeth

Elizabeth’s culinary career started in an unlikely spot: a flower shop. It was her job to create the floral designs for wedding cakes– a job that inevitably led to her tasting a great deal of cake, and finding most of it to be entirely mediocre. She figured there must be a market for brides who want more from their wedding cakes than just looking great. So with visions of buttercream and chocolate dancing in her head, she headed off to culinary school at Johnson & Wales in Denver, Colorado.

After culinary school, Elizabeth moved back home to Southern California, where she worked at a variety of bakeries and restaurants, including AOC, where she met Stephanie. They instantly bonded over their love of farmers market food, and all things cheese. Together, Beth and Steph lead the team at Whoa Nelly! Catering, a company dedicated to making truly delicious, and simply gorgeous food for special occasions.